Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a typical project/campaign last?

That is a tricky question, as every project and campaign are different, as well as at what level The Recruiting Team is asked to engage.  We have worked on smaller/short projects providing all the deliverables and debrief, then disengaging.  Other projects we have been on retainer for over a year to help support the overall planning, building, and execution, being available whenever the company needs.

Where do you consult?

We are based in Columbus, OH, but consult nationally.  90% of what we do can be done virtually, and can travel to you when needed.

How do you charge for projects/campaigns?

We have three options for our clients, depending on what makes the most sense for each project/campaign, hourly, retainer, and per project.   Traditionally, once we have worked out the scope of the project, we want to work with the client to understand what option makes most sense.

What should I consider before the first conversation?

We encourage you to think about general scope of the project/campaign, current pain points, budget, short term needs, and possible long term needs.  If scope seems "foggy", we will be glad to work with you to crystalize those items and develop a project plan.